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Bases Make a Difference

Bases Make a Difference

Use the Base to Tell A Story 

Snow Basing

The choices you make about how to base your miniatures are really impactful.

The base is as much a part of your army as the miniature itself and when displayed on the tabletop, the bases are some of the first things your opponent will notice. Consistent bases will make your army look coherent tying it together and tell a thematic story.

Just take a look at our putrid warrior, standing on three different bases: On hometurf in a desolate wasteland, in overgrown elven territories, and far way in a scorching desert.

Base Variations

Different Materials, Different Textures

By combining different basing materials, you can create some truly stunning bases.

Our basing product all have different textures when applied, and with a bit of creative thinking you can use them in ways that go beyond they might seem to be capable of on the surface.

Battlefield Snow Brown Battleground Battlefield Rocks

Try adding Battlefield Snow alongside Brown Battleground and Battlefield Rocks to vary the texture of the ground.


Summer Undergrowth and Grass Green


You can even use bits of Summer Undergrowth with Battlefield Grass Green glued to the ends and then primed and painted to create small shrubberies. 

Basing Materials

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