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Colour Primer: Matt BlackColour Primer: Matt Black
Colour Primer: Matt Black Sale price$14.99
Colour Primer: Matt WhiteColour Primer: Matt White
Colour Primer: Matt White Sale price$14.99
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Colour Primer: Anti Shine Matt VarnishColour Primer: Anti Shine Matt Varnish
Colour Primer: Leather BrownColour Primer: Leather Brown
Colour Primer: Army GreenColour Primer: Army Green
Colour Primer: Army Green Sale price$17.99
Colour Primer: Pure RedColour Primer: Pure Red
Colour Primer: Pure Red Sale price$17.99
Colour Primer: Barbarian FleshColour Primer: Barbarian Flesh
Colour Primer: Plate Mail MetalColour Primer: Plate Mail Metal
Colour Primer: Uniform GreyColour Primer: Uniform Grey
Colour Primer: Desert YellowColour Primer: Desert Yellow
Colour Primer: Skeleton BoneColour Primer: Skeleton Bone
Colour Primer: Necrotic FleshColour Primer: Necrotic Flesh
Colour Primer: GreenskinColour Primer: Greenskin
Colour Primer: Greenskin Sale price$17.99
Colour Primer: Daemonic YellowColour Primer: Daemonic Yellow
Colour Primer: Fur BrownColour Primer: Fur Brown
Colour Primer: Fur Brown Sale price$17.99
Colour Primer: Dragon RedColour Primer: Dragon Red
Colour Primer: Dragon Red Sale price$17.99
Colour Primer: Angel GreenColour Primer: Angel Green
Colour Primer: Alien PurpleColour Primer: Alien Purple
Colour Primer: Wolf GreyColour Primer: Wolf Grey
Colour Primer: Wolf Grey Sale price$17.99
Colour Primer: Ultramarine BlueColour Primer: Ultramarine Blue
Colour Primer: Gun MetalColour Primer: Gun Metal
Colour Primer: Gun Metal Sale price$17.99
Colour Primer: Aegis Suit Satin VarnishColour Primer: Aegis Suit Satin Varnish
Colour Primer: Greedy GoldColour Primer: Greedy Gold
Colour Primer: Ash GreyColour Primer: Ash Grey
Colour Primer: Ash Grey Sale price$17.99
Colour Primer: Brainmatter BeigeColour Primer: Brainmatter Beige
Colour Primer: Oak BrownColour Primer: Oak Brown
Colour Primer: Oak Brown Sale price$17.99
Colour Primer: Deep BlueColour Primer: Deep Blue
Colour Primer: Deep Blue Sale price$17.99
Colour Primer: Hydra TurquoiseColour Primer: Hydra Turquoise
Colour Primer: Pixie PinkColour Primer: Pixie Pink
Colour Primer: Pixie Pink Sale price$16.99
GameMaster Terrain Primer: Ruins & CliffsGameMaster Terrain Primer: Ruins & Cliffs
GameMaster Terrain Primer: Wilderness & WoodlandsGameMaster Terrain Primer: Wilderness & Woodlands
GameMaster Terrain Primer: Snow & TundraGameMaster Terrain Primer: Snow & Tundra
GameMaster Terrain Primer: Desert & Arid WastesGameMaster Terrain Primer: Desert & Arid Wastes
Game Master Matt SealerGame Master Matt Sealer
Game Master Matt Sealer Sale price$12.99


You'll find three different types in our assortment of sprays, each with their function and purpose: Colour Primer, Terrain Primer, and Varnish.

The Colour Primer is a durable primer and highly-pigmented basecoated, specifically designed for plastic, resin and metal miniatures. The Colour Primer is the perfect foundation for any hobby project.

The Terrain Primers are your go-to when creating hobby terrain and scenery. Unlike other aerosols, these sprays are foam safe and won't damage foam.

Our Varnishes keep your miniatures free from battle-damage, keeping them pristine for game after game.

Priming Your Miniature Is Key To A Great Paint Job


Applying a primer is essential and the first step when beginning a miniature painting project. Our primers leave a smooth, matt finish, so paint adheres to it better than standard “spray paints.”

As our Colour Primer Sprays work as both a primer and basecoat, you can save loads of time while ensuring you have the perfect foundation to start your paint job. The Colour Primers are designed with our 100% Colour Match System and thus match the Warpaint and Warpaint Air of the same name.

Featuring super-fine, heavily pigmented paint and a specially-designed nozzle – The Army Painter Colour Primers ensure that you get excellent coverage without obscuring the fine details on your miniature.

Colour Primer, Terrain Primer, and Varnish:

They Are All Designed With a Specific Purpose

Colour Primers are perfect for adding colourful and intense basecoats for plastic, resin, and metal miniatures. The range consists of 31 colours – each carefully picked out to cover the most common colour schemes found in miniature gaming. 

The GameMaster Terrain Primers are the ultimate foundation for terrain and scenery, and thanks to
their high-quality, water-based formulation, they are non-toxic and foam-safe – meaning they won’t corrode your XPS foam or polystyrene and can even be used for MDF!

Finally, our Varnish range helps you seal and protect your paint job whether you’d like a satin or matt finish. 

No matter what you’re painting, whether it’s a unique centrepiece model, an entire army of miniatures, or your thematic terrain and scenery – The Army Painter has a spray that has you covered.

Protect Your Work from Wear and Tear With a Varnish

Using a Varnish to seal your models is necessary to protect your hard work from transport and tabletop tumbles. It can also dull down glossiness or add shine. Aegis Suit Satin Varnish and Anti Shine Matt Varnish, from our Colour Primer range, are designed for use on plastic, resin, and metal miniatures, whereas the
GameMaster: Matt Sealer is designed specifically for terrain and scenery use only, as it does not corrode XPS foam, polystyrene or MDF sheets.