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Easy enough for a beginner to use, fast enough for a gamer, yet capable enough for the best painters in the world - Warpaints Fanatic is a high-quality acrylic paint for models and miniatures. The paints feature an insanely pigment-dense formulation
set in a premium resin base with proprietarystabilizers to ensure smooth, easy
application. The range includes over 200 colours designed in Flexible Colour Triad families that make colour selection easy and diverse while still being comprehensive.


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Whether you are a gamer looking to quickly get
your miniatures to tabletop quality, a dedicated hobbyist refining your techniques, or a professional painter creating your next masterpiece, Warpaints
Fanatic offers the quality and performance you need.

What makes Warpaints Fanatic extraordinary compared to paints from other brands?

Warpaints Fanatic is high-quality acrylic paints for models and miniatures. The paints feature an insanely pigment-dense formulation with 300-700% more pigment. Despite this amount of pigment, the paints can be thinned to extreme levels for advanced techniques or applied right over a miniature for effortless coverage while retaining pigment dispersion. This makes the paints extremely versatile and suitable for various techniques and skill levels.

All the Warpaints Fanatic paints come with a new transparent bottle design that makes for an improved colour selection experience. Each bottle comes pre-loaded with high-grade stainless steel Mixing Balls, so perfectly blended paint is easy to
achieve. Also, the paints feature a secondary Practical Naming Convention (based on the ISCC–NBS System of Colour Designation) to make paint choice easier and more accessible.

How does the Warpaints Fanatic paint look once dry?

This paint's Stablizing properties help reduce surface tension by slightly prolonging the drying time. Initial first coats may appear slightly glossy, but they offer a smooth matt finish once dry.

What is happening with the existing Warpaints range?

Over the last decade, the original Warpaints range has been a staple for many hobbyists and gamers. With the advancement in materials and technology, we were able to make a paint that performs like no other with Warpaints Fanatic. The original range will be phased out and ultimately replaced with the Fanatic paints, which will become the new standard for quality, performance, value, and availability.

Warpaints Fanatic still features our Colour Match System for staple colours such as Daemonic Yellow, Greenskin, and so on – other colours will have very similar representation within our Fanatic Flexible Triad System

When is the Warpaints Fanatic
release date?

The first Warpaints Fanatic box sets will be made available for pre-order in early 2024, and we will have exact dates for each of the singles and sets published soon. And with all The Army Painter products, you can expect that Warpaints Fanatic will be priced affordably and accessibly, and our Warpaints Fanatic box sets will offer insane savings as always!