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Display Rack

It’s our goal to provide the best possible service to gamers and painters all over the world – to eventually become their first choice for hobby supplies. A huge part of that is making our products accessible through our network of independent retailers.

To offer this service to our gamers and painters, we have developed a complete set of three in-store display racks that allow retailers to carry 99% of our range with minimal effort.

We are committed to provide our retailers with the best possible tools to display and support The Army Painter range and we work closely in conjunction with our distributing partners across the globe.


Just as we want to be the first choice for every gamer, modeler, and miniature painter – we also strive to be the First Choice for retailers when it comes to their paint and accessory categories. That’s why we offer a complete hobby range, developed with top-selling, high-quality, and affordable products that gamers need to assemble, prime, paint, and base their miniatures – and so much more! We understand that retail is in the details and it’s our goal to make our products a success in your store. Which is why we support our First Choice Retailers with full access to our product images, videos, technical data, and promotional resources. These resources in combination with our three industry-leading Display Racks, and our FREE 24-page Painting Guide combine to be the foundation of painting activity in any hobby and game store.

To become a First Choice Retailer, please contact our sales staff at:

Read the details of our Rack Systems:
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EU Rack system sales PDF

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