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Wet PaletteWet Palette
Wet Palette Sale price$32.99
Wet Palette BundleWet Palette Bundle
Wet Palette Bundle Sale price$44.98
Wargamers Edition Wet PaletteWargamers Edition Wet Palette
Wet Palette Hydro PackWet Palette Hydro Pack
Wet Palette Hydro Pack Sale price$11.99
Sold out
Hobby Tool KitHobby Tool Kit
Hobby Tool Kit Sale price$37.99
Mega Brush SetMega Brush Set
Mega Brush Set Sale price$81.99
Self-healing Cutting MatSelf-healing Cutting Mat
Self-healing Cutting Mat Sale price$10.99
Project Paint StationProject Paint Station
Project Paint Station Sale price$32.50
Sold out
Drill BitsDrill Bits
Drill Bits Sale price$11.99
Sold out
Green StuffGreen Stuff
Green Stuff Sale price$13.99
Mixing BallsMixing Balls
Mixing Balls Sale price$9.99
Miniature and Model DrillMiniature and Model Drill
Miniature and Model Drill Sale price$14.99
Miniature and Model FilesMiniature and Model Files
Miniature and Model Files Sale price$10.99
Hobby KnifeHobby Knife
Hobby Knife Sale price$11.99
Tweezers SetTweezers Set
Tweezers Set Sale price$10.99
Sculpting ToolsSculpting Tools
Sculpting Tools Sale price$13.99
Miniature & Model MagnetsMiniature & Model Magnets
Miniature & Model Magnets Sale price$12.99
Plastic Frame CutterPlastic Frame Cutter
Plastic Frame Cutter Sale price$13.99
Paint Mixing Empty BottlesPaint Mixing Empty Bottles
Markerlight Laser PointerMarkerlight Laser Pointer
Markerlight Laser Pointer Sale price$12.99
Sold out
Target Lock Laser LineTarget Lock Laser Line
Target Lock Laser Line Sale price$12.99
Battlefield Basing: GlueBattlefield Basing: Glue
Battlefield Basing: Glue Sale price$5.25
Super GlueSuper Glue
Super Glue Sale price$5.25
Plastic GluePlastic Glue
Plastic Glue Sale price$5.25
Masterclass Drybrush SetMasterclass Drybrush Set
Masterclass Drybrush Set Sale price$22.99
Most Wanted Brush SetMost Wanted Brush Set
Most Wanted Brush Set Sale price$24.99
Hobby Starter Brush SetHobby Starter Brush Set
Hobby Starter Brush Set Sale price$19.99
Wargamer Brush: MasterclassWargamer Brush: Masterclass
Wargamer Brush: Large DrybrushWargamer Brush: Large Drybrush
Sold out
Hobby Brush: Precise DetailHobby Brush: Precise Detail
Hobby Brush: HighlightingHobby Brush: Highlighting
Hobby Brush: BasecoatingHobby Brush: Basecoating
Hobby Brush: Basecoating Sale price$6.25
Wargamer Brush: Insane DetailWargamer Brush: Insane Detail
Wargamer Brush: CharacterWargamer Brush: Character
Wargamer Brush: DetailWargamer Brush: Detail
Wargamer Brush: Detail Sale price$8.75
Sold out
Wargamer Brush: RegimentWargamer Brush: Regiment
Wargamer Brush: Regiment Sale price$9.99
Wargamer Brush: MonsterWargamer Brush: Monster
Wargamer Brush: Monster Sale price$8.99
Wargamer Brush: Small DrybrushWargamer Brush: Small Drybrush
Wargamer Brush: Vehicle & SceneryWargamer Brush: Vehicle & Scenery
Wargamer Brush: The PsychoWargamer Brush: The Psycho
Hobby Brush: DrybrushHobby Brush: Drybrush
Hobby Brush: Drybrush Sale price$5.99
Hobby Brush: Super DetailHobby Brush: Super Detail


When building miniatures and models, having the right hobby tools is essential for achieving the best results.

For over a decade, hobbyists like you have trusted our tools and accessories to assemble and convert their miniatures thanks to our unrivaled combination of quality and price, making our tool range the best value in the hobby industry.

Another essential tool is the hobby glue. At some point in your hobby journey, you will need glue in your miniature-building project. With the right adhesive, whether it is Plastic-, Super- or Basing Glue, your miniature models and scenery pieces will stand the test of time.

With everything from Precision- and Plastic Cutters to KnivesMagnets, and Tweezers – we have everything a hobbyist could ever need within this range.


Ally yourself with The Army Painter tools and glue, and you are guaranteed to succeed in your miniature projects, as our range of hobby tools are made of high-quality and durable materials.

Each tool is handpicked for the range to best cover your everyday needs when assembling, preparing, customising, and painting your miniatures. Ranging from simple to advanced tools such as cutters for plastic frames to model drills, magnets for model conversion and wet palettes.

Besides high quality, our range of hobby tools for miniatures is affordable, so anyone with a budget can join in on the hobby. Cover your basic needs today by getting our essential hobby tool set or customising your arsenal. The choice is yours!

Pick Out the Right Glue for Your Hobby Project

When it comes to crafting and building miniature models, finding the right glue is essential for a successful project.

For the standard hard plastic miniature models, we recommend our Plastic Glue. Super Glue will be your optimal choice if you’re working with metal or resin miniature. Building terrain or finishing off the base of your miniature? The Battlefield Basing glue is perfect for gluing XPS foam, Styrofoam, MDF, wood, paper, cardboard, and plaster.

Our Range of Tools and Accessories Will Cover Your Basic Needs

Whether you’re assembling one miniature or an entire army, our expansive range of tools has everything you need to cut, shave, clean, assemble, and even paint your miniatures!

If you’re new to the hobby and don’t know where to start, or if you’re looking to restock your hardware at a good price, our box sets and kits are great value!