Fanatic on Fanatics: Chaos Takes Hold at The Army Painter

Fanatic on Fanatics: Chaos Takes Hold at The Army Painter

Warpaints Fanatic has been unleashed upon the miniature painting world, and we all know there’s no one as fanatical as the followers of the Dark Gods - the Chaos Space Marines of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000. With their brand-new Codex just around the corner, it's a great time to gather up our own warband of heretical ne'er-do-wells from around the offices and further abroad.

If we were to write this article in easy mode, we'd just post a bunch of photos of Bo's countless Chaos armies, regiments, and warbands since he is an ACTUAL Agent of Chaos, after all. Still, we felt we should spread the chaotic love around a bit, and what better way to show that love than with a shiny new coat of paint, courtesy of The Army Painter?

Steffen Aarestrup, Assistant Studio Painter


Steffen Iron Warriors


Not all Chaos Marines have to be decked out in the most vibrant of colours to prove their devotion. Our Assistant Studio Painter, Steffen, has stripped these war machines of the dark gods back to bare metal with the fan-favourite Iron Warriors. Gun Metal Colour Primer is a perfect place to start with these masters of siege craft, knocking out 90% of your basecoating and allowing you to really put the time in on the various hazard markings. How else are your opponents supposed to know those tank treads are dangerous? Workplace safety is a very big deal to the 4th legion.

Phil Hall, The Glacial Geek


Phil Black Legion Possessed


Sometimes, you just really need to let the galaxy burn in a hurry, but without sacrificing quality – that's where Speedpaint comes in! Phil, the Glacial Geek, has painted up these Accursed Cultists and Possessed almost entirely with Speedpaint.


Phil Accursed Cultists


Grim Black and Slaughter Red can do a majority of the leg work on a Black Legion force, with a little help from Warpaints Fanatic Greedy Gold, allowing Phil to really get the most out of the variety of colours on the Cultists. All of this was finished off with a touch of Warpaints Fanatic for the final highlights.

You can follow Phil on Youtube on his channel, The Glacial Geek and on Instagram @glacialgeek.

Bo Penstoft, Founder


Bo Emperor's Children Army


Bo has more Chaos armies under his command than Abaddon. Some even whisper that he actually wears his hair in a stylish topknot when not in the office. When deciding which of his many collections to feature it had to be his Emperor’s Children army that he painted in only 5 hours with Thomas’ help. Armed with a reservoir of Purple Alchemy Speedpaint, they managed to finish an entire 2,000 point army in time for him to take them to the WTC: World Team Championship Danish Qualifiers. A feat worthy of the finest warmaster of Chaos.



Thomas Coltau, Lead Studio Painter


Thomas Warp Ghosts


Who can forget those hallowed words from the Warmaster himself; “Just Dip It!” When even Speedpaint isn’t fast enough for you, the genesis of The Army Painter makes a triumphant return with our Quickshade Dip: Dark Tone. Lead Studio Painter, Thomas, has gotten these Warp Ghosts onto the tabletop in record time with the trusted “Spray. Paint, Dip, Done” method, proving that sometimes the older methods are still great.

You can watch the painting tutorial video for this chaotic warband below.



Adam Abramowicz, Tactical Marketing Executive


Adam Daemon Prince


One of the great things about the forces of Chaos is the almost unlimited freedom it grants you in terms of hobbying. Here, Adam has dipped into the Age of Sigmar range to convert up his own Daemon Prince by combining it with 40k bits from his collection. With the help of some Green Stuff and Sculpting Tools, this former vampire has sprouted a new set of wings. He’s now ready to bring death to the lap dogs of the false emperor in the war-torn future as a part of Adam’s own “present-day” Luna Wolves force, complete with plenty of wolf-themed conversions for his Flesh Hound minions!

Stephen Box and Billie-Jane, Vanguard Tactics


Stephen and Billie Chaos Lord


Stephen and Billie from Vanguard Tactics have recently completed the brand-new Chaos Space Marine Lord miniature with the help of Warpaints Fanatic, and it looks stunning. We decided it would be best to let Billie tell us how such a stalwart veteran of the long war was painted in her own words.

Billie: Both Stephen and I had a lot of fun painting up this Chaos Lord. Stephen started off with an airbrush basecoat of Matt Black with a highlight of Deep Ocean Blue. He loved how well the paints flowed through the airbrush, making the process swift and enjoyable. I then blocked in the details. Some of the paints I used were Skeleton Bone for the skulls and Bootstrap Brown for the leather, then using Strong Tone wash to add depth before adding highlights with the lighter colours from their triads.


Stephen and Billie Chaos Lord Cape


Painting the cape was my favourite part. I used Matt Black and Basilisk Red for this, as the colours have excellent coverage, and they work really well with wet blending. The Fanatics range also has a perfect consistency for edge highlights, so I used Molten Lava and Fiendish Yellow to complete the burning glow effect on the weapon. Overall, we were very impressed with the Fanatic paints' coverage and consistency, as well as how well the paints mix together. We can’t wait to use more of the range on our future projects.

You can follow the Vanguard Tactics crew on Youtube at Vanguard Tactics and Stephen on Instagram @thevanguardtactics and Billie @littlepeoplepainter.

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