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Masterclass Drybrush SetMasterclass Drybrush Set
Masterclass Drybrush Set Sale price$22.99
Hobby Starter Brush SetHobby Starter Brush Set
Hobby Starter Brush Set Sale price$19.99
Most Wanted Brush SetMost Wanted Brush Set
Most Wanted Brush Set Sale price$24.99
Mega Brush SetMega Brush Set
Mega Brush Set Sale price$81.99
Wargamer Brush: MasterclassWargamer Brush: Masterclass
Wargamer Brush: Large DrybrushWargamer Brush: Large Drybrush
Hobby Brush: Super DetailHobby Brush: Super Detail
Hobby Brush: DrybrushHobby Brush: Drybrush
Hobby Brush: Drybrush Sale price$5.99
Wargamer Brush: The PsychoWargamer Brush: The Psycho
Wargamer Brush: Vehicle & SceneryWargamer Brush: Vehicle & Scenery
Wargamer Brush: Small DrybrushWargamer Brush: Small Drybrush
Wargamer Brush: MonsterWargamer Brush: Monster
Wargamer Brush: Monster Sale price$8.99
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Wargamer Brush: RegimentWargamer Brush: Regiment
Wargamer Brush: Regiment Sale price$9.99
Wargamer Brush: DetailWargamer Brush: Detail
Wargamer Brush: Detail Sale price$8.75
Wargamer Brush: CharacterWargamer Brush: Character
Wargamer Brush: Insane DetailWargamer Brush: Insane Detail
Hobby Brush: BasecoatingHobby Brush: Basecoating
Hobby Brush: Basecoating Sale price$6.25
Hobby Brush: HighlightingHobby Brush: Highlighting
Hobby Brush: Precise DetailHobby Brush: Precise Detail

Paint Brushes for Miniatures

A good brush is essential, no matter what level of miniature painter you are. With the right brushes, you can achieve amazing painting results and that is why we offer top-quality paint brushes that cater to both beginner painters and seasoned painters. 

Our collection of brushes feature everything from detail paint brushes to ones specifically designed for drybrushing and single brushes to brush sets. All The Army Painter’s brushes are tailored to meet the intricate demands of miniature painters.

Miniature Brush Sets and Individual Paint Brushes

In our range of brushes, we offer both Brush Sets and individual paint brushes. You can begin your toolkit of paint brushes for miniatures with the different Brush Sets, and with the individual brushes you can expand your arsenal or choose just the one you need for a specific painting method or technique.

Our different brush sets fit the various needs and requirements of any miniature painter. Our range consists of 4 brush sets, and they all deliver high-quality hobby paint brushes that will give you a good miniature painting experience. If you’re looking to customise you brush arsenal, we’ve also got a comprehensive selection of individual brushes. 

Paint Brushes to Cover All Your Needs

All our brushes in the different Brush Sets are chosen for a special purpose and combined they make a well-rounded paint brush toolkit for any army painter. Many of our miniature paint brush sets consist of 3 brushes, making them both a budget-friendly and a comprehensive choice. Because they consist of 3 different brushes, the brush sets cover the basic needs within miniature painting, such as detailing, base coating, and dry brushing. 

If you are looking for a more extensive collection of miniature paint brushes and wider coverage, the Mega Brush Set is an ideal choice as it consists of 9 diverse brushes in different sizes, shapes, and bristle quality. With the Mega Brush Set, you’ve got paint brushes for all types of techniques and methods in miniature painting, such as detailing, base coating, dry brushing, and terrain.

Brush Handles Designed for Maximum Comfort

Ergonomics play a pivotal role when we design our brushes. Our miniature paint brushes with triangular handles are designed to provide precision grip for perfect control and comfort, ensuring maximum comfort during long painting sessions.

The paint brushes with a rounded grip are designed for painters who prefer a more flexible hold and firm grip. Both designs are designed and crafted for ease of use and durability.