Warpaints Fanatic Flexible Triads


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Flexible Triad: Black & Greys
Flexible Triad: Browns
Flexible Triad: Browns Sale price$25.50
Flexible Triad: Cool Reds
Flexible Triad: Cool Reds Sale price$25.50
Flexible Triad: Deep Green-Blues
Flexible Triad: Deep Greens
Flexible Triad: Deep Skin Tones
Flexible Triad: Desaturated Blue-Greys
Flexible Triad: Desaturated Cool Greens
Flexible Triad: Desaturated Violets
Flexible Triad: Light Neutrals
Flexible Triad: Magentas
Flexible Triad: Magentas Sale price$25.50
Flexible Triad: Ochres & Tans
Flexible Triad: Olive Greens
Flexible Triad: Oranges
Flexible Triad: Oranges Sale price$25.50
Flexible Triad: Pinks
Flexible Triad: Pinks Sale price$25.50
Flexible Triad: Purples
Flexible Triad: Purples Sale price$25.50
Flexible Triad: Rose Skin Tones
Flexible Triad: Ruddy Browns
Flexible Triad: Strong Pale Blues
Flexible Triad: Teals
Flexible Triad: Teals Sale price$25.50
Flexible Triad: Turquoises
Flexible Triad: Vibrant Greens
Flexible Triad: Vivid Blues
Flexible Triad: Warm Greys & Whites
Flexible Triad: Warm Reds
Flexible Triad: Warm Reds Sale price$25.50
Flexible Triad: Warm Skin Tones
Flexible Triad: Yellows
Flexible Triad: Yellows Sale price$25.50

What is the Flexible Colour Triad System?

Experience seamless colour transitions with the Warpaints Fanatic Flexible Triad System. Each of the 27 Flexible Triads offers six perfectly coordinated colours, from deep and dark to bright and light. Whether you’re painting historical figures, military models, fantasy creatures, or sci-fi miniatures, find the ideal triad for every project and elevate your miniature painting effortlessly.

We first introduced the triad system with our industry-leading Warpaints Air. This method offers a structured yet adaptable approach to selecting and applying colours, ensuring that your miniatures stand out with depth, contrast, and vibrancy. 

With the Warpaints Fanatic range, we’ve expanded the traditional understanding of a Triad System and developed the “Flexible Triad System”. The system builds upon the traditional triad system by introducing more versatility and adaptability in colour selection, expanding the conventional three colours to six. This gives you almost endless possibilities for putting colours together within the triad.


Why use the Flexible Triad System?

The Flexible Triad System has numerous benefits for both novice and veteran miniature painters. 

First, using shades from the same colour family helps create a harmonious look and a seamless transition from light to dark. This method eliminates the common pitfall of mismatched or overly contrasting colours that can disrupt the aesthetic harmony of your miniature. 

Secondly, the Flexible Triad System’s structured approach - incorporating base, shadow, and highlight tones - enhances the miniature’s three-dimensional appearance. By emulating natural lighting through strategic shading and highlighting, your miniature gains a more lifelike look. 

Lastly, the Flexible Triad System, with its unique approach to colour selection and application, offers an accessible starting point for beginners to start experimenting with colours and colour schemes. It simplifies the complex concepts of highlighting and shading, making it easier for beginners and experienced painters to achieve impressive results.  

Why not give it a try and see how it transforms your miniature painting projects? 


How to use the Flexible Triad System when painting miniatures?

Select a minimum of three colours from the Flexible Triad of your choice: a base, a shade, and a highlight. Depending on the level of contrast you wish to achieve, the colour can be either adjacent or spaced out. For instance, opt for 3 adjacent colours for minimal contrast to achieve a smooth colour transition. For maximum contrast, use the lightest, middle, and darkest colours available in the flexible triad. 

Read Warpaints Fanatic: How to use Flexible Colour Triads for a more in-depth introduction to the Flexible Triad System and a step-by-step guide on how to use it.