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Warpaints Fanatic: GreenskinWarpaints Fanatic: Greenskin
Warpaints Fanatic: Eternal HuntWarpaints Fanatic: Eternal Hunt
Warpaints Fanatic: Wild GreenWarpaints Fanatic: Wild Green
Warpaints Fanatic: Ferocious GreenWarpaints Fanatic: Ferocious Green
Warpaints Fanatic: Emerald ForestWarpaints Fanatic: Emerald Forest
Warpaints Fanatic: Leafy GreenWarpaints Fanatic: Leafy Green
Warpaints Fanatic: RainforestWarpaints Fanatic: Rainforest
Warpaints Fanatic: Electric LimeWarpaints Fanatic: Electric Lime
Warpaints Fanatic: Vivid VoltWarpaints Fanatic: Vivid Volt
Warpaints Fanatic: AfterglowWarpaints Fanatic: Afterglow
Warpaints Fanatic: Evergreen FogWarpaints Fanatic: Evergreen Fog
Warpaints Fanatic: Medieval ForestWarpaints Fanatic: Medieval Forest
Warpaints Fanatic: Patagon PineWarpaints Fanatic: Patagon Pine
Warpaints Fanatic: Autumn SageWarpaints Fanatic: Autumn Sage
Warpaints Fanatic: Forest FaunWarpaints Fanatic: Forest Faun
Warpaints Fanatic: Mossy GreenWarpaints Fanatic: Mossy Green
Warpaints Fanatic: Woodland CamoWarpaints Fanatic: Woodland Camo
Warpaints Fanatic: Army GreenWarpaints Fanatic: Army Green
Warpaints Fanatic: Camouflage GreenWarpaints Fanatic: Camouflage Green
Warpaints Fanatic: Olive DrabWarpaints Fanatic: Olive Drab
Warpaints Fanatic: Necrotic FleshWarpaints Fanatic: Necrotic Flesh
Warpaints Fanatic: Grotesque GreenWarpaints Fanatic: Grotesque Green
Warpaints Fanatic: Brigandine BrownWarpaints Fanatic: Brigandine Brown
Warpaints Fanatic: Bootstrap BrownWarpaints Fanatic: Bootstrap Brown
Warpaints Fanatic: Leather BrownWarpaints Fanatic: Leather Brown
Warpaints Fanatic: Paratrooper TanWarpaints Fanatic: Paratrooper Tan
Warpaints Fanatic: Command KhakiWarpaints Fanatic: Command Khaki
Warpaints Fanatic: Urban BuffWarpaints Fanatic: Urban Buff
Warpaints Fanatic: Tundra TaupeWarpaints Fanatic: Tundra Taupe
Warpaints Fanatic: Prairie OchreWarpaints Fanatic: Prairie Ochre
Warpaints Fanatic: Desert YellowWarpaints Fanatic: Desert Yellow
Warpaints Fanatic: Wasteland ClayWarpaints Fanatic: Wasteland Clay
Warpaints Fanatic: Burnt TurfWarpaints Fanatic: Burnt Turf
Warpaints Fanatic: Barren DuneWarpaints Fanatic: Barren Dune
Warpaints Fanatic: Dusty SkullWarpaints Fanatic: Dusty Skull
Warpaints Fanatic: Tomb King TanWarpaints Fanatic: Tomb King Tan
Warpaints Fanatic: Skeleton BoneWarpaints Fanatic: Skeleton Bone
Warpaints Fanatic: Ancient StoneWarpaints Fanatic: Ancient Stone
Warpaints Fanatic: Bony SpikesWarpaints Fanatic: Bony Spikes
Warpaints Fanatic: Pale SandWarpaints Fanatic: Pale Sand
Warpaints Fanatic: Demigod FlamesWarpaints Fanatic: Demigod Flames
Warpaints Fanatic: Fiendish YellowWarpaints Fanatic: Fiendish Yellow
Warpaints Fanatic: Daemonic YellowWarpaints Fanatic: Daemonic Yellow
Warpaints Fanatic: Warped YellowWarpaints Fanatic: Warped Yellow
Warpaints Fanatic: Space DustWarpaints Fanatic: Space Dust
Warpaints Fanatic: Ice YellowWarpaints Fanatic: Ice Yellow
Warpaints Fanatic: Molten LavaWarpaints Fanatic: Molten Lava
Warpaints Fanatic: Burning OreWarpaints Fanatic: Burning Ore
Warpaints Fanatic: Lava OrangeWarpaints Fanatic: Lava Orange
Warpaints Fanatic: Flickering FlameWarpaints Fanatic: Flickering Flame

Dive into the Warpaints Fanatic Miniature Paints

Start building your Warpaints Fanatic collection and customise it to fit your needs and preferences. Stock up on singles to get the exact Warpaints Fanatic colours and quantities required for your miniature painting projects. Enhance your miniature painting - start with Warpaints Fanatic singles!


Discover Warpaints Fanatic Single Paints for Miniature Painting

Warpaints Fanatic is the new gold standard of miniature paint, and with 216 Fanatic Singles available, you can customise your Warpaints Fanatic collection in any way you like. 

The range features 216 high-quality acrylic paints for miniature painting, insanely pigment-dense set in a premium resin base with proprietary stabilizers. Overall, with the Warpaints Fanatic singles, you get intense colour saturation, exceptional coverage, and a smooth application process.


Why choose Warpaints Fanatic Singles?

Our Warpaints Fanatic stands out with its revolutionary acrylic formula, which contains 300-700% more pigment. However, it’s still possible to thin the paints to extreme levels. The versatility of these paints accommodates various painting styles and techniques, making them an ideal choice for any project. 

Additionally, each bottle’s transparent design and inclusion of high-grade stainless steel mixing balls simplify the paint selection and preparation process, ensuring consistently well-mixed paints every time.


Fanatic Singles in Flexible Triad Systems

With the Warpaints Fanatic Singles, we’re introducing an innovative Flexible Triad System. The 162 acrylic paints are organized into 27 Flexible Colour Triads. This system enhances the traditional triad approach by expanding the range from three colours to six colours. From dark to light, the consistent hues allow miniature painters to create depth and dimension effortlessly. This flexibility simplifies colour selection and enables endless creative combinations, making it perfect for any thematic painting, from historical figures to sci-fi characters.