GameMaster: Adventure Starter Role-playing Paint Set Combo

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The essential paint set for all role-playing games. 

  • New Edition of GameMaster – now with Warpaints Fanatic paints. 
  • 15 x 18 ml Warpaints Fanatic paints including a Brush-On Primer 
  • 5 FREE snap-fit Miniatures 
  • FREE GameMaster Starter Brush 

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Get the GameMaster: Adventure Starter Role-Playing Paint Set PLUS a Medium Drybrush. 

Are you looking to get into tabletop gaming, create your own dungeon adventure, or get a great Starter paint set with FREE miniatures? 

The Army Painter’s GameMaster: Adventure Starter Role-Playing Paint Set is designed for every RPG player, miniature painter, and beginner at tabletop gaming. With this set, you have everything you need to create your band of heroes and customise them to look how you want. Gone are the days of settling for pre-painted miniatures that don’t quite capture the essence of your envisioned hero. 

Whether you’re new to RPGs, looking for an alternative to Dungeons & Dragons, or wanting to begin your own tabletop role-playing game, the GameMaster: Adventure Set comes with everything you need to bring your adventures to life.  

The GameMaster: Adventure Starter Role-Playing Paint Set includes 15 paints, consisting of 10 vibrant colours, 2 Effect paints, 2 Metallics, and 1 versatile Wash. You also get a Painting Guide, an Adventure Starter Guide, a GameMaster Starter Brush, and 5 snap-fit miniatures – FREE! 

In this updated GameMaster Adventure Starter Set, the paints are now Warpaints Fanatic, easy-to-use, high-quality acrylic paints with unsurpassed coverage and intense pigmentation. They are set in a premium resin base with proprietary stabilisers, making it possible to thin the paint down to extreme levels while retaining pigment dispersion.  

You also get five detailed snap-fit miniatures that cater to various fantasy settings. What’s more, the miniatures are designed for easy assembly. The snap-fit design and no glue required makes it straightforward for beginners to jump right in. Simply cut them from the sprue and put them together. 

But what’s a whole RPG party without a quest? That’s why we have added a special GameMaster quest to the set, complete with a map, that serves as inspiration for your next campaign.  



  • 15 x 18 ml paints 
  • 10 acrylic colours 
  • 2 Effects  
  • 2 Metallics  
  • 1 Wash 



  • Gamemaster: How to Paint Adventure Starter Guide 
  • 5 detailed miniature figures 
  • GameMaster Starter Brush and Medium Drybrush 
  • The Army Painter’s Intro to painting miniatures