Dipit’s Dungeon Revealed

Dipit’s Dungeon Revealed

Inside Dipit’s Dungeon: Where Work Meets Play

When you enter The Army Painter HQ in Skanderborg, Denmark, you’re not in doubt that the world of fantasy, sci-fi and gaming is an important part of the company's DNA.

From the tabletop game setup in the lounge area to the displays of painted miniatures around the offices – even the various departments are named after our love for the fantasy and sci-fi worlds, i.e., the financial department is called “Gringotts”.

So obviously, we had to have our own “dungeon”: Dipit’s Dungeon.

But don’t worry, it’s not as dark and dingy as the “Dipit’s Dungeon”-name indicates, or one would think.


Fridays In the Dungeon

Dipit’s Dungeon is The Army Painter’s in-house bar and largest meeting room. It’s where our employees can meet and unwind with a beer or soft drinks on Fridays after work or hold department events and seminars.


the army painter dipits dungeon


But the use of Dipit’s Dungeon extends beyond these weekly gatherings. It also doubles as a haven for gamers and hobbyists when we hold painting and gaming events for the employees.

Imagine tables spread with Speedpaints, brushes, and miniatures, the air thick with concentration as Owlbears and Space Marines are painted in all colours of the rainbow. At these painting events, some try painting a miniature for the first time, and others continue their existing painting projects.

While some paint miniatures, others spend the night playing boardgames and discussing the best tactics for their next Warhammer campaign. Whether you’re into Catan or Trivial Pursuit, there is room for everyone.


Dipit’s Dungeon Is More Than a Company Bar


dipits dungeon the army painter hq


But Dipit’s Dungeon is more than “just” a company bar.

Dipit’s Dungeon symbolises the culture at The Army Painter and our dedication to fostering a workplace where camaraderie, unity, and creativity thrive – and a shared love for gaming and painting, of course.

It reflects our belief that a balanced blend of work and play enhances productivity and fosters a workplace where employees feel genuinely connected and engaged.

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